Maintenance Check Flight Training

Undertake Maintenance Check Flights for Airbus A320, A330 and A350

Discussion in front of the board

Salient MCF training is currently available for all FBW types; other types may be available on request. The course is customer-oriented conducted under your AOC. If the MCF course is conduced outside of EU, local CAA requirements may apply. Salient can also provide subcontracted test pilots and designated TRIs to fulfill your MCF requirements. We understand the importance of constant practice for safe MCF operations.

  • One-day Theoretical Training
  • 4hr FFS session per pilot, and,  if required, a flight on a customer aircraft.

Subject to customer requirements, this flight maybe a real MCF, or a flight for  training purposes only.

We also offer the option of subcontracting test pilots and nominated TRIs to meet your MCF requirements. Our team is ready to fulfill all your MCF needs, recognizing the importance of regular practice for safe operations.

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