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Birth of an idea

The initial idea behind the Evidence-based Training concept, originally Risk-based Training, emerged from observations of critical deficiencies in recurrent training for airlines pilots, which had not evolved in more than 50 years.

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Formation of an international working group

EBT became part of the IATA Training and Qualification Initiative. ICAO and IFALPA were represented with all principal aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturers, airlines and Authorities in addition to Training Organizations, Training Device Manufacturers, research institutions and pilot representatives.



Data analyses for EBT begins

After the first EBT meetings, held at IATA in Montreal with principal aircraft OEM’s and IFALPA, an initial EBT Data Analysis Group is formed under the leadership of Capt. John Scully.

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First trial of EBT concepts by Emirates

Emirates, the largest airline and flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, becomes the first airline to implement Evidence-based Training.



EBT published by ICAO

ICAO publishes Doc 9995 titled: Manual of Evidence-based Training. IATA publishes Data Report for Evidence-based Training. IATA, ICAO and IFALPA publishes Evidence-based Training Implementation Guides.

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FAA gives support to EBT

The FAA agrees to allow and support the principles of Evidence-based Training in their Advanced Qualification Program document AC 120-54A.



EASA becomes the first major Authority to publish EBT Guidance Material

The EASA publishes guidance material (GM) for the Mixed Implementation of Evidence-based Training according to the EASA rules.

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First two European airlines approved for EBT

Icelandair and Thomas Cook Scandinavia become the first two European Airlines to receive approval for Evidence-based Training.

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Sim Ops are a team of flight simulation experts with decades of hands-on experience designing, building, selling, installing, qualifying, maintaining and upgrading large and small Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD) in the commercial aviation sector. Sim Ops have participated in the planning and operational management of flight simulation training centers with access to a network of experienced resources dealing in FSTD regulation, evaluation, maintenance and support.

Norden Aero

Norden.Aero was founded by Christian Norden who is also one of the founders of EBT. His work is based on many years of experience in commercial airline operations and pilot training. works with international partners who share the spirit of delivering profound expertise to our customers in the aviation community.

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